Cycling: 2 wheels vs. 4

March 14th, 2007

We will admit that we admire from afar those hardy souls who cycle year-round, particularly in the depths of winter. But they are onto something: not only are they exercising and staying healthy, but they are also reducing the number of carbon-emitting vehicles on the road and acting as positive role models for the rest of us. Now that the weather is improving, now is the time to pull that bike out, get it tuned up and on the road.

Cycling to work may not be practical for you but it is something to consider if you live close to work, if your office has showers and better yet, bike lockers, or your gym is nearby. And if you are a recreational cyclist, consider jumping on your bike next time you go to meet friends for coffee or window-shopping (just think…you’ll also save on parking).

Toronto has an excellent cycling map that you can download with lanes, routes, safety tips and resources for both recreational and commuter cyclists. Most other major urban centres, such Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa, also provide cycling maps.

And remember to always wear your helmet. It is not the law in some cities but it just makes good sense.

Green byte: Per capita, Canadians use their bikes twice as much as Americans — impressive when you consider our climate…

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