Good Things Come In Small Packages

March 11th, 2007

Or at least in reduced packages…

When you’re out shopping next time, please take the time to consider the packaging that comes wrapped around the item you’re actually buying. Prepared & ready-to-serve foods, health & beauty products, computer software, electronics and toys are typical products that come wrapped in layers of plastic and cardboard that you have to rip away before you actually get to what you’ve bought.

  • Whenever possible, buy items in bulk. Buying less frequently means buying less packaging
  • Buy rechargeable or reusable items rather than disposable single-use items (ie. batteries, razors, pens)
  • Before buying, consider if the packaging is made from recycled materials and/or can be recycled
  • Use items as long as possible and only replace when absolutely necessary; again, less frequent purchases means less packaging

The first step is simply becoming more aware of the amount of packaging that your consumer and food products come wrapped in. Then its about making choices to shop in a way that reduces the amount of packaging you purchase and then discard. Ultimately, if enough people make the conscious choice to purchase products with less packaging, manufacturers will pay attention.

Green byte: Packaging makes up approximately 50% of our garbage (30% by weight) in Canada.

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